Lightning Conductor

We are an organisation that is striving to provide real services to real businesses selling real stuff using the Lightning Network. We are aim to become a trusted partner to those businesses. To start the journey we currently have 2 services - see below for details.

You should note that these services are not "transactional". I.e. like a shop you need to trust us for the time between you sending the payment and us sending it back to you.

Convert Lighting to Bitcoin

This service allows you to convert your balances on your Lightning Channel into Bitcoins. Ideal if you keep receiving payments and rather than continually closing/opening the channel you can use this.


Convert Bitcoin to Lighting

This service allows you to add Bitcoins to your channel. This is ideal if you use the channel to mainly make payments. Allows you to "re-fill" it without closing and opening a new one.


Return Channels

Have you created a new node but have no incoming channels? By opening a channel to us we will open one right back! Simple as that.

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