Return Channels

If you open a channel to: with a size of 0.00500000 BTC or more we will open one back for 0.00500000 BTC. Process takes 30-60 mins as we wait for channels to fully open. Please note service may pause if our wallet runs out of funds, but we will open channels as soon we top up the wallet. Current wallet balance is 0.58938377 BTC must be above 0.01000000 BTC for us to open new channels.

Our channel to you will charge a fee of 0.00000000 BTC per lightning transaction + 0.00% - this is to try to make it self funding. We will lower these as soon as we can - and that will be on existing open channels too.

Below on the left is a list of incoming channels. And on the right the ones we opened back to people. If you open a channel to us as soon as it is in NORMAL state it will be displayed below. We will then open a channel back to you and display the channelId.

We will try to keep any channels opened to us open. But due to the current beta nature of Lightning Network they may get closed for no fault of ours. If they do just reopen one to us and we will reopen one back.

Below are your and other users transfers

IdCreatedChannelIdNodeIdStatecapacity returnChannelIDreturnCapacityReturnCreatedError