Use this form to send Bitcoins to your Lightning Channel. This will enable your node to make outgoing payments over Lightning. Minimum payment is 0.00002000 BTC and max is 0.05000000 BTC (about 0.80 USD to 2000.00 USD).

There is a 0.00000100 BTC charge (to cover our fees and hosting etc.. - is about 0.04 USD) and you will have to pay the Bitcoin fees on your payment to us. The return address is in-case we receive your Bitcoins but can not find a lightning route or your invoice times out. We will return your Bitcoins to this address. Please give your invoice a long payment window - as we wait for 2 confirms of your Bitcoin payment before sending the Lightning payment.

Enter a lightning invoice (for the amount you want to send) and a return address in-case we are unable to forward payment. You will then be shown a Bitcoin address to send payment.

Lightning Invoice:
Return BTC Address:

Below are your and other users transfers

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